Under God - Gary Barraclough

Under God

By Gary Barraclough

  • Release Date: 2019-03-12
  • Genre: Christianity


A little twelve-year-old boy has just been saved from a fatal disease by a miracle from God: However, this disease has now left him a quadriplegic! He now knows that he must have someone, for the rest of his life, bathe him, dress him, feed him every meal and snack, read to him, put him on and off a bedpan, wipe away his tears, and virtually take care of his every need. How can he live the rest of his life knowing that he must depend on others for his every need? Why did God save him but doom him to a life of dependency? How can he possibly ask God for more when God has already given him the gift of life? Find out how this young boy used the power of prayer to strengthen his will to overcome his obstacles.