Official Report of the Niger Valley Exploring Party - Martin Robison Delany

Official Report of the Niger Valley Exploring Party

By Martin Robison Delany

  • Release Date: 1885-01-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


On or about the latter part of July, 1853, the following document was sent on. The time has fully come when we, as an oppressed people, should do something effectively, and use those means adequate to the attainment of the great and long desired end—do something to meet the actual demands of the present and prospective necessities of the rising generation of our people in this country. To do this, we must occupy a position of entire equality, of unrestricted rights, composing in fact, an acknowledged necessary part of the ruling element of society in which we live. The policy necessary to the preservation of this element must be in our favor, if ever we expect the enjoyment, freedom, sovereignty, and equality of rights anywhere.