The Cross Was Their Book - Andre Cirino, OFM

The Cross Was Their Book

By Andre Cirino, OFM

  • Release Date: 2012-11-12
  • Genre: Christianity


“Here at last is a way of Franciscan prayer that is a way of Franciscan living. Using St. Francis’ own Prayer Before a Crucifix and drawing on stories from the lives of St. Francis and his followers, both Medieval and modern, together with his own experience as pilgrim guide and retreat director, André Cirino opens up for us how to pray and live in the light of faith, hope, and love so that we may come to know and live the will of God. The book sparkles with stories, both personal and garnered from years of preaching retreats and leading pilgrimages in the footsteps of St. Francis. The way of prayer encouraged here is not for the spiritually timid - it asks you to live what you pray and pray what you live - but be brave; it also gives you practical aids to make that happen prayer by prayer and step by step.”
Murray Bodo, OFM

“Francis’ Prayer before the Crucifix is at the heart of Franciscan prayer. André’s meditations on this prayer are insightful instruments of grace. They enable us to go deeper into the heart of this prayer, hand ourselves over to God, and contemplate God’s presence in the crucifix and in all of life.”
Claire André Gagliardi, OSC

“As I pray with The Cross Was Their Book, I gain new insights that draw me into the themes found in the Prayer Before a Crucifix. This book is more than just words written on paper. It is a prayer resource that opens one to encountering God in everyday life. It truly is a prayer of the heart.”
Joseph Patrona, SFO

“Among all the books published recently on the San Damiano Crucifix,  André Cirino, OFM, gifts us with something unique by focusing not on the Crucifix itself, but by centering on the prayer before this crucifix, not only of Francis but of his close friends as well, including Clare of Assisi and Bernard of Quintavalle. Each chapter is well crafted with observations, experiences and personal stories, concluding with reflection questions that invite each of us into the Paschal Mystery, making concrete applications in our own lives.”
Joanne Schalzlein, OSF